Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bush broke the Hubble telescope, and other stuff

Five items superior to any Aaron Spelling TV show...

5. No mercy for AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre: "Whitacre's latest gem comes from a Senate hearing this week, where he defended the changes to AT&T's privacy policy by saying it was merely meant "to make the policy easier for consumers to read". That's funny, Ed, since it really looks like it's intended to cover AT&T's butt should its questionable data-sharing come to light again." TechDirt.

4. TechDirt chronicles a very dumb teen suing MySpace for not protecting her from internet predators, and the equally dumb man accused of statutorily raping her. Both are after money, of course.

3. The Hubble's main camera has stopped working, NASA says. It's Bush's fault! If he had signed the Kyoto Protocol, none of this would be happening! How was my imitation of a stupid hippie liberal?

2. Aaron Spelling, creator of horrible TV shows, died in his home yesterday at age 83. Or did you think Dynasty, Charlie's Angels, Love Boat or 90210 were good shows? Seattle Times.

1. A new study says blacks hear better than whites. This is not true. Have you ever heard two black women speaking? Even if they're standing right next to each other, they yell at the top of their lungs. My theory is that black women don't hear as well as men or white women. Why else would they yell so loudly? Health Day.

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Charlie Adams said...

"Fantasy Island" was a great show. And my guilty pleasure was "90210". Sorry.