Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Knife amnesty in the UK

Attention everyone who:

1. believes guns kill people, not people.

2. believes banning guns will stop murder and other violent crime.

3. rejects the 2nd Amentment of the Constitution.

4. is a liberal (i.e. all of the above).

Take note of Britain's latest knife amnesty program. From the BBC:

    A five-week amnesty aimed at tackling knife crime across Britain - the first of its kind in a decade - has begun.

    Until 30 June people can hand in knives at police stations in England, Scotland and Wales without fear of penalty.

    But police have warned that once the amnesty is over, tough action will be taken on those found armed with knives.

Families of victims of knife crime in Britain sound similar to families of victims of gun crime here: We must legislate the dangerous weapons out of existence! Or, My son/daughter would be alive today if we had banned knives, because somehow the murderous intentions of the thug who took his/her life would have simply vanished had the knife not existed!

    However, some families of victims of knife crime have questioned the effectiveness of an amnesty, calling instead for tougher sentencing.

I hope liberals will one day recognize the idiocy of these arguments.

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cheeser-johnson-from-sheffield said...

hotdamn...the next thing 'ya know they'll be taking away my ball peen hammer. the sonsabitches!