Friday, May 05, 2006

The horror of 7-point fonts, and other stuff

A few good blog entries...

5. "It seems Wal-Mart was supposed to use 10-point type for its "While Supplies Last" disclaimer when advertising its Early Bird specials in Utah, but instead used 7-point type. So naturally Matthew Howell, an attorney with the Provo law firm of Fillmore Spencer, has filed a would-be class action lawsuit against the giant retailer, on behalf of named clients Brandon and Tonya Barker." Overlawyered.

4. "This, after Lucas basically told us if we wanted 'Star Wars' on DVD, we'd have to purchase the special editions. Now, after we've all purchased them, he's "suddenly" had a change of heart." Slublog comments on Greed Wars.

3. "Almost every day we hear about another migrant in the UK - or the rest of Europe for that matter who has committed some vile crime and yet if we speak out we get tarred with the race brush." Britain is having the same problems as the U.S., according to The Lone Voice.

2. "Consider Washington and Jefferson, Franklin and Henry, Hamilton and John Adams. Did they strut around waxing eloquent on how they deserved their place in U.S. society?" Animate Matters.

1. "Wow, over the past 24 hours we are getting a glimpse into the fears of two Supreme Court Justices, and they couldn’t be more opposite." Stop the ACLU is tracking a potential watch-dog effort for the federal courts.

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