Saturday, April 22, 2006

No warning label at Overlawyered

I am considering suing Overlawyered for causing my blood pressure to rise. There is no warning label to protect the idiot masses, and to protect them from idiot suits like mine.

Just kidding. I'd never file a frivolous law suit. My DNA lacks greedy and dishonest genes.

Here's an idea: "The chronicling of America's desperate need for torte reform, as is tastefully accomplished here, may lead to high blood pressure, bloating, nausea, and may cause fits of anger. Do not eat. Professional driver; closed course. Do not try this at home. Ask your doctor to check for liver problems before taking Overlawyered. In the event of an erection lasting four hours or more, sing for joy and call everyone you know."

(The latest case of high blood pressure involves their post about a verdict against Chrysler).

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