Saturday, April 29, 2006

NASCAR on Staten Island, and other stuff

A few good blog entries...

5. "Europeans wouldn't know a truly free and open market if it bit them on the ass." No Pasaran.

4. "Another victory in the centuries-long struggle against bigotry and oppression can be celebrated today, as "community leaders" ... have forced capitalist land developers ... to abandon an appallingly racist name that had, with incredible insensitivity, been chosen for a local shopping centre." The Daily Ablution names the shopping center: Merchant's Corner.

3. "But while that meeting may convince the anti-NASCAR crowd the track is doomed, it ain’t necessarily so." Leather Penguin discusses NASCAR's drive for a new track on Staten Island.

2. "If you are one of those who saw United 93 and are keenly disappointed that Director Greengrass failed to turn his project into a 90 minute brief to prove the incompetence and evil of the Bush Administration, you would think Ms Stevens a genius rather than the pouting philistine that she appears to be." Right Wing Nuthouse.

1. "Bitching about taxes is a national pass-time in America because, by and large, people grasp the basic concept that one cannot tax oneself into prosperity. The Europeans on the other hand harbor no such misconception." Prairie Fire.


cheeser-johnson-from-wisconsin said...

So where's da NASCAR advertisements, Don?

donnab said...

danikca patrick is a shining example of a woman excelling in a mans sport. although i am not suprised that you fail to mention her name.