Monday, April 24, 2006

McCarthy's leak an "act of honor"?

The McCarthy leak case:

1. John Kerry is "glad" she leaked information to the press.

2. Juan Williams, a strong liberal and employee of public tv / radio, called the leak an "act of honor".

The issue today is about the consequences of leaking confidential information to the media. Even Kerry had to grudgingly admit that laws were broken and McCarthy will have to face up to that. But the underlying issue here is rendition. Why would a CIA agent speak against the practice of rendition and the use of foreign jails?

Remember Mr. Anonymous, Michael Scheuer? He's the former CIA guy in charge of catching Bin Laden, and he wrote "Imperial Hubris", a book highly critical of GWB. In a shameful, Michael Moore-style attempt to make a quick buck, and to affect the outcome of a presidential election, he released the book just prior to Bush's second electoral victory. It was Scheuer's retirement gift to himself.

So, the stage is set, right? We ALL KNOW Scheuer is a Bush hater and an al-Qaeda expert.

Now, read this New York Times article dated March 11, 2005. Scheuer did what all liberals are doing -- bash Bush -- but he also said some interesting things about rendition, chiefly that it is an "overwhelming success."

Rendition = overwhelming success

The full quote from Scheuer, a leading expert in these matters, as well as a foaming-at-the-mouth Bush-hater, is as follows:

"Perfection is never attainable in the fog of war, and any errors should not distract from the overwhelming success of the program."

So now we must ask ourselves, why would liberal leaders like John Kerry and Juan Williams be against rendition and support somebody who broke the law trying to stop it?

Their thinking is steeped in Vietnam. It was in that era of paranoia that it became cool and popular to distrust a Republican government. Today that translates into being "glad" a CIA employee single-handedly tried to stop a rendition program that is an "overwhelming success." Was it really an "act of honor" to help the enemies of the United States, Juan Williams?

Vietnam damaged the united states because liberals used it as the poster for being anti-government, especially anti-Republican. We've been hamstrung ever since. I can't wait for Kerry's generation to be lowered into the ground and covered with dirt. We need to move on. Sometimes not fighting is the greater evil, folks.

Liberals want us to lose the war on terror. There is no other conclusion one can make.

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Writers' Block said...

Why is Michael Scheuer's valid criticism of the administration's failures to fight Al Quaeda after 9/11 held up here as an example of Bush-hating? Is it impossible for a knowledgeable and devoted expert on terrorism, a devoted patriot who spent his career in the US intelligence effort, to write a great book about how to WIN the war on terror without being hateful?

I happen to agree with Michael Scheuer, and remind you that being a life-long spy requires the same committment as being in the military. Maybe more--military children at least know when their parents might not come home. Intelligence officers' kids often do not even know what their parents do for a living. Imagine what that would feel like to YOU, and whether YOU would have that kind of commitment to protecting the US from foreign enemies before you rant off at me. Do you even have kids?

Scheuer's advice was thorough, accurate, and supported by a preponderance of evidence. No American president is above criticism, or above learning from his mistakes. That's one of the great things about this country that devoted intelligence officer-patriots go to their graves, in anonymity, BTW, to protect.