Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Duke Nukem Forever is here?

Is the next Duke Nukem PC game really upon us? This sucka was announced in 1997, which is ancient times for 3D gaming.

In 1997:

++ Doom 2 was still raging, with titles like Quake and Half Life spreading across the globe like a plague.

++ Windows 95 was the only gaming operating system to have, and boy did it suck.

++ Speaking of sucking, Bill Clinton was in hot water over a presidential pole waxing.

++ I had hair.

Presently we're about to see Windows Vista, Doom 3 is already old, and still no Duke!

But then Ben Kuchera at Ars Technica received, played, and wrote about the new Duke demo. He speculates it's the first true Web 3.0 game. In other words, you will install this game, then play it in your default web browser. The magic is that it should work for every platform.

Every platform.

Linux? No problem. Mac? No problem. Windows, for sure - until now, gaming has been the main reason for owning a Windows box. Kuchera says Duke "plays evenly well on all three platforms."

So, technically, this game could mark a dramatic change in ... everything. The only reason I don't run Linux on my primary PC is because of games. If they'll run on something as stable as Linux, the usefulness of Windows will shrink towards insignificance. And just when Windows was getting good!

As for the quality of game play, Kuchera tells us all we need to know in a single sentence: "Finally we get a man's shotgun back in gaming."


Charlie Adams said...

"I have some gray hair..."

Yeah, and the wife tells me you can't get it up anymore without Viagra.

You're a dinosaur Don.

The Shaved Ape said...

Actually, I already edited that out. I am nearly bald, so who cares if what little remains is gray?

I use Cialis, because who in God's name doesn't want a four-hour erection? Even the cat likes it. :)