Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Torture at Guantanamo revealed

The Daily Ablution has catalogued a detainee's list of maltreatment at GITMO:

--subject to [unspecified] "mental stress and pressure"

--"willfully misdirected ... to pray north"

--deprived of "comfort items"

--subjected to an [apparently failed] "attempt to withdraw Qur'an"

--able to hear two guards having sex, while they "assumed he was asleep"

--distracted from his prayer by the "sharp intake of breath" of a female MP who'd been "sexually fondled".

--offered a plate of pork

--the object of a conspiracy "to keep detainee ignorant of detainee's allotted Tuesday recreation"

--subjected to a "partially successful" attempt to administer injections "under the guise of immunisation", designed to "unhinge detainee's mental and emotional stability"

--had his peanut butter eaten by a guard "right in front of him"

The horror!


donnab said...

you don't seem to understand the the rights of these prisoners was abused. torture is not an American value!

The Shaved Ape said...

Yes it is, spincter-mouth.