Sunday, February 26, 2006

UAE port deal: low character on the left

Who are these members of the new American left? Haven't I heard the name Chuck Schumer somewhere before? Nancy Pelosi? Diane Feinstein? Who are these people?

These are the wild-eyed whackjobs who like to call the war on terror "Bush's war," or the "so-called war on terror," as if 9/11 never occurred. These same whackjobs told us that because the air conditioning was too cold at Guantanamo Bay (in Cuba in August, no less), it was torture. These raving lunatics told us we removed Saddam Hussein for oil, when I haven't seen one miserable black drop -- three years after we stopped mass murder, genuine torture, and other genocidal acts.

Now, when the left hears about a UAE company winning a contract to control several U.S. ports, they're arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand, dick-in-ass, talking about how Bush is in error for threatening to veto a bill to block the port deal. Wtf? They COMPLETELY change their entire modus operandi when they see an opportunity to attack Bush. This is more transparent than cling wrap. They should be embarassed for themselves. Damn. Don't they own mirrors?

Let me recap, just to see that I get it. Far-left whackjobs who deny there are terrorists in the world (John Kerry calls them a "nuisance"), are upset that the UAE will be given administrative control over ports?

This completely defines the problem with the left. "Anything to get at Bush" is the ENTIRE Democratic party platform. It's laughable.

For the record: I am not a Republican, I am an atheist, and I am completely against any Arab, Muslim, or Middle Eastern country having any control over any U.S. ports. There are two reasons for this: old-fashioned common sense, and Entebbe. The difference between me being against the port deal, and the left being against the port deal, is that I haven't spent the last five years implying, or outright stating, that the war on terror is Bush's war.

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