Monday, July 11, 2005

Bush on terrorism

"The best way to defend America is to stay on the offence," Bush said, as quoted by the BBC. You’re damned right. Since the early 1960s Muslims have been blowing innocent people to bloody bits as world leaders shrank in horror or appeased Muslim “leaders” with open wallets.

Bush is the first world leader to fight back.

If GWB adopted the French and German positions -- that of cowardice and appeasement -- would the Muslim problem vanish? Hell no! It was around long, long before GWB, and will be around long after he’s gone. It’s time to stand up to the world’s greatest menace and quit the politically-motivated bickering and hatred.

From the BBC:

    In an interview with the BBC's World Tonight, Mr Cook criticised the president's comments, saying that instead of isolating the terrorists, he had upset Muslim societies around the world.

    "Everybody would fully sign up to the most vigorous police reaction to make sure that we do pursue those responsible for atrocities such as happened in London," Mr Cook said.

    "I think the problem with George Bush's approach is that he does keep talking about it as a war on terror as if there is a military solution and there isn't."

The right honorable gentleman Mr. Cook would have us stop fighting and start negotiating with terrorists? Fool.

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